Revinet SPA is a Financial & Business Consultancy and Audit Firm, with Head Offices in Milan and a network of offices in Italy’s major cities and is able to provide comprehensive solutions to a business clientele throughout Italy. Thanks to the network to which it belongs, AGN International, Revinet assists many international companies with Italian operations.

The talented pool of consultants, with experience in the global financial firms known as the BIG4 and entered in the register of statutory auditors and/or in the major professional associations, operates in the areas of Audit for both industrial and financial clients, and relies on its cross-practice experience and common values.

The continuous participation in study groups within professional associations in Italy and abroad and continuous knowledge and training programs allow all Revinet consultants to be aware of development in the job at all times, including new domestic and international legislation or/and practices commonly adopted and revised by the major economic players (ECB, European Commission, Bank of Italy).

Revinet S.p.A. is an independent member of the international group AGN International

Membership to this network allows us to be present on the worldwide financial and economic arena.

Our international relations contribute to ensuring independence requisites and enhance the quality and range of our services, encouraging professional dialogue while retaining our company’s autonomy and its strong link with the local territory.

Accessing Global kNowledge